Silo Kratzförderer

Avoid fires at silo exhausts, monitor motor.

Sometimes it is not the large motors but rather the smaller ones that pose a fire hazard when they run unattended and in dusty environments.
A motor of an extraction system monitored with DAPONA was clogged with wood dust and threatened to run hot.
DAPONA automatically triggered an alarm call to the owner. Although the danger of fire was not acute at all the extraction could be stopped in time and thus further damage could be avoided.

Particularly with exhaust systems, the ventilation grille of the motor can become clogged with dust. The motor gradually becomes warmer without it being immediately noticeable. An automatic shutdown could stop the motor in the event of an overload. However, the heat development is usually already far advanced by then and the failure usually means an unplanned functional failure.

DAPONA enables “zero-invasive” cost-effective retrofitting for early detection of deviations. IIoT platform-based, data-driven, without intervening in the machine. The DAPONA sensors can also be reused if the machine should be replaced later.

Early warnings from DAPONA allow creeping developments to be detected at a time when unplanned downtime can still be avoided.