Only efficient solutions
really make sense.

We are a team consisting of infomatics engineers, softwardesigners and developers. Our focus is on modern software technology and business processes.

With everything we do, we want to eliminate inefficiencies. We think from the customer. Our web service is freely designable, easy to use and immediately usable.
Without programming, investment or dependencies. Neither technical nor commercial. We simply make great software.

Standard software is our DNA: We understand digitization as a standard that can be mapped with just one uniform web-based solution, no matter what data is involved.

Our “out-of-the-box” thinking allows us to set up digital solutions without generating huge investments at the company. The focus is always on our standard web service DAPONA. Which use case and which data sources are the basis is irrelevant.



Extensive respect and goodwill towards all.



Fair, unbiased and without reservation.



Affectionate and open-minded towards new things.

What we do

Digitizing without programming: We do not develop stand-alone solutions. We provide an open standard web service, which is set up by the customer himself to his solution. No matter what industry, company size or region.

Only at go-live (by the customer himself), the platform is set up for the respective use-cases. Plug&play, without programming, apps, boxes or designers. Simply in the web browser.

What we do not do

Create dependencies, neither technically (e.g. through hardware boxes, dashboard designers or mandatory services), nor contractually, such as binding periods, maintenance contracts, etc., nor monetarily (e.g. for software licenses, investments in proprietary hardware, etc.).

Special developments

Work with us

We are always looking for people with a high interest in technology, software and business processes.

Our partner

Efficiency Systems supports us as a long-standing partner in sales and customer support in Germany and Austria.

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