Visualize, analyze,
trigger, predict

The individual digital depiction of reality: DAPONA displays data in real time, logs, notifies, generates tasks, alerts, analyzes and creates forecasts. Data visualization and alerting everywhere: on PC, smartphone or large screen. Just connect and go.

Dapona Efficiency Systems Dashboard

The digital look at reality

To each his own view, changeable at any time and always on hand: whether on the smartphone, the PC or a large screen.

All data sources such as facilities, machines, workstations, sensors or web services are digitally represented in the data visualization of the DAPONA web dashboards. However individual or distributed the data sources may be and from whatever perspective the data is viewed: Simply set up custom dashboards via drag & drop. Always matching the respective perspective. Without programming, editor or even training: simply and intuitively at any time directly in the web browser.

  • Set up your own dashboards and change them on the go at any time. 

  • Simply in your web browswe via Drag&Drop.

  • No programming, designer or app. 


Alert, trigger actions, write back

As soon as deviations occur, DAPONA triggers actions, reminds, warns and alerts.

Whether announcements and tasks of the next maintenance, warnings about anomalies, or alerting when limit values are exceeded: Via fully definable rules, any action can be easily triggered. The notification can be set up in any desired way, from e-mail, SMS, to warning lights, display panels or automated voice messages by telephone.

Daily report summarizes events of the last 24 hours.

All actions are logged and reported by e-mail notification upon occurrence or resolution. Additionally, DAPONA summarizes all events in a daily report. Furthermore, evens can be traced back in the real-time dashboards at any time.


Secure data connection

Read out, buffer, and transmit data

Secure: DAPONA provides a standard client (Windows/Linux) that directly connects locally to your data sources. The DAPONA client reads data locally and forwards it to the DAPONA web service via an encrypted connection. OPC-UA, IO-Link, RESTAPI

No data loss: If the connection to the database is temporarily unavailable, the DAPONA client continues to read the data and stores it locally in a buffer until the DAPONA web service can be reached again.

  • Connect data sources on site (EDGE). Without a box or app. A standard mini PC will do.

  • Use of standard interfaces (OPC-UA, IO-Link, RESTAPI)

  • Open data endpoint for “do it yourself” data import

  • Connection of external data sources, such as ERP systems, weather services, etc.

Using standard interfaces or retrofitting sensors – we even get old equipment to “talk“.


Personal data hub.
Locally or in the cloud.

Safe, open for secure connections (API), completely scalable, self-monitoring

DAPONA stores all data in a secured database, to which the customer has secured access at any time via a REST-API interface. Due to a double design of the databases in a “hot-warm” architecture, there is a rapid short-term cache for fast display. At the same time, storing large amounts of data takes place in a second database for long-term data retention.

  • Cache for fast real-time display 

  • Secure long-term storage

  • Controlled access at any time

Always see what is happening, no longer miss anything, act in time.

Configure DAPONA now:

How many sensors and machines do you want to connect?

Configure DAPONA now!

How many sensors and machines do you want to connect?

What our clients say

What our clients say

“The functions and especially the usability of the application are truly practical and transparent.”

Hendrik Schabsky, Managing Partner, ATLAS® - the shoe company

„Based on our understanding as a partner to our customers, we not only supply top quality machines, but also support efficient operation with DAPONA.“

Christian Decker, Managing Director DESMA Shoe machinery