Our distribution partner pikkerton Schweiz GmbH

pikkerton Schweiz GmbH is the independent representation of PIKK-Systems GmbH, Berlin, for the whole of Switzerland. The Berlin-based wireless sensor and IT expert PIKK-Systems GmbH specializes in the development and distribution of various sensors for demanding, critical applications. The product portfolio ranges from electronic assistance systems in the field of nursing, contactless body temperature measurement for early detection of infections in times of the Corona virus, energy detection, lighting control to room monitoring and warehouse technology.
The sensors use a wide range of radio technologies from ZigBee, wireless M-Bus, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM to NB-IoT/LTE-M.LTE-M.

Peter M. Arnold
+41 79 422 21 28

Our sales partner
Efficiency Systems

Efficiency Systems is the contact for all customers and partners in Germany, Austria and all EU countries.

Thilo Heffner
Efficiency Systems, Zum Zander 8, 88662 Überlingen
Tel: +49 7551 9480930