Now it’s official: engine oil can be used for much longer.

First stage already brings 25% savings

We suspected it, now first results confirm it: Engine oil can be used for longer. Without danger for the gas engine.

In a field test, we equipped the gas engine in a biogas plant with real-time monitoring of the engine oil.
Laboratory samples confirm our sensor measurement: The engine oil can be used longer without risk. Instead of every 16 days, it can now be used for 20 days.
Now we are starting the next stage: extension by another 50 hours to 22 days.

More in 20 days

For the past 4 weeks, our digital IoT webservice DAPONA has been monitoring the condition of the engine oil of a biogas plant at the Schempp farm in Pfullendorf on Lake Constance. The oil condition is now visible at all times through real-time oil monitoring and DAPONA indicates when the next oil change is due.

The engine oil can now be used until it actually reaches the end of its life, rather than according to rigid intervals.
Initial results show that oil change intervals can be doubled without the risk of engine damage. This means several thousand euros saved every year, and a reduction in the CO2 footprint.

Echtzeit Ölüberwachung senkt Wartungskosten und erhöht die Sicherheit durch automatische Alarmierung bei Abweichungen im Motoröl

„Ich sehe jetzt auf meinem Handy, wie gerade die Ölzustand ist. Und ich werde automatisch alarmiert, wenn mit dem Motoröl etwas nicht mehr stimmen sollte. Und zusätzlich zeigt mir DAPONA an, wann der nächste Ölwechsel fällig ist. Ich muss jetzt nicht mehr alle 300 Betriebsstunden ca. 70 Liter Motoröl wechseln, sondern kann das das Öl bis zu seinem Lebensende nutzen, ohne dass der Motor dadurch Schaden nehmen würde. Das spart mir sofort mehrere Tausend Euro pro Jahr.”

For this purpose, a sensor for measuring engine oil quality and temperature was attached to a blind plug in the engine, which sends engine oil data to DAPONA around the clock. Without an app, without wifi or internet access.

DAPONA records the measured values 24 hours a day and continuously calculates the remaining useful life until the next oil change.
In addition, DAPONA automatically triggers multi-level alarm calls if any deviations in oil quality occur.

DAPONA also sends a daily report every day in which all incidents of the last 24 hours are logged.

Real-time oil monitoring thus reduces maintenance costs and increases safety through automatic alarming in case of deviations in the engine oil.