Condition monitoring in the supply network

Real-time monitoring in the supply network and plants, as well as timely alarming are crucial
for safe operation.

Condition Monitoring im Versorgungsnetz mit DAPONA

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Condition monitoring in the supply network with DAPONA

Whether it’s parking lot occupancy, waste receptacles, or the operational status and maintenance of facilities, utility grids, or pipeline networks: For cities and municipalities, condition monitoring, real-time monitoring and timely alerting are critical to safe operations. Condition monitoring, process optimization and predictive maintenance can forecast risks, monitor operating status, increase asset effectiveness, save costs and time, and protect the environment. With the latest sensor technology, any data is recorded in real time, transmitted wirelessly via radio transmission (LoRa) and visualized around the clock for viewing on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. DAPONA is easily integrated into existing systems and works completely independently. Simply connect it, set up your own real-time dashboards yourself and always know what’s happening. A web browser is all it takes.


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