Condition monitoring in the gym

Condition monitoring, real-time monitoring, and receiving timely alarms when deviations occur are critical to safe operation. In the gym, sports arena and other sports facilities.

Condition Monitoring im Fitnessstudio mit DAPONA

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Increase customer satisfaction with condition monitoring in gyms and leisure facilities

What is the air quality in the gym, what is the energy consumption, temperature and humidity in the soccer stadium? Condition monitoring, real-time monitoring, and timely alarms in case of deviations are crucial for safe operation, increased efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With ideal training conditions through controlled temperature, humidity, volume, as well as queue management and automated facility maintenance, customers and athletes can achieve better results. Whether it’s facility maintenance or monitoring air, water or energy, simply plug in, set up your own real-time dashboards and always know what’s happening. On the laptop, the PC or on the go on the smartphone. All you need is a web browser.


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