Condition monitoring in medical technology

Condition monitoring, status monitoring, logging and alarming help to ensure safe operation in medical technology. Simply connect and get started.

Condition Monitoring in Medizintechnik mit DAPONA

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Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in medical technology

Whether in pharmaceutical production, in the warehouse or in distribution: monitoring and alerting in medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology play an important role in many areas. Predictive maintenance, for example, can increase the service life of production systems and machines by automatically generating maintenance forecasts and reporting them via alarms, notifications or e-mails. In this way, production downtimes can be avoided and processes accelerated. For example, sensors measure rotation, temperature, power consumption, air pressure, fill levels, speed, vibration, piece counts and much more. No matter for which plants, clean rooms, devices or systems: Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards yourself and always know what’s happening. In the company or on the road on your smartphone.
A web browser is all you need.


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