Condition monitoring for trade and service providers

Always know what’s happening, act in time: safety through condition monitoring, alarming and data visualization in the trade. Around the clock. On the store floor or on the road on your smartphone.

Zustandsüberwachung für Handwerk und Dienstleister mit DAPONA

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„Now, even on weekends, I know how my business is doing and I’m notified before anything happens. It’s a reassuring feeling.“

Traugott Reichert, Inhaber Sägewerk Braun GmbH & Co. KG

Condition monitoring for trade and service providers

Act early, minimize risks: Especially for service providers and the skilled trades, it is important to always see what is happening in order to be able to act quickly. Whether in the company, at the customer or on the construction site: condition monitoring in real time reduces risks and you always keep an eye on everything. DAPONA is the data visualization for trade and service providers. It visualizes and alerts, independent of machines, plants or buildings: Simply connect and set up real-time dashboards yourself. In the company or on the road on your smartphone. A web browser is all that is needed.


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