Condition monitoring in mechanical engineering and plant construction

Condition monitoring, real-time data visualization, utilization and alerting. In your own production or for machines in customer use ( Simply connect, set up your dashboard and get started.

Condition Monitoring und Datenvisualisierung mit DAPONA für Maschinenbau - Web-Dashboards

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Condition monitoring provides transparency in mechanical engineering

Whether it’s unit output, capacity utilization or maintenance and repair: real-time monitoring and receiving timely alarms in the event of deviations are crucial for efficient operation. No matter for which machines, devices, plants, workstations, sensors or locations. In your own company or for machines in customer use (e.g. Pay-Per-Part). Condition monitoring optimizes production efficiency by reducing machine downtime and providing early warning and alerting of abnormal readings. Long-term efficiency gains are also achieved through continuous production improvement, better resource planning and reduced expenses. Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards and always know what’s happening. In the company or on the go on your smartphone. A web browser is all it takes.


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