Construction and construction supervision

Always keep an eye on the construction and act in time: Construction monitoring, condition-
monitoring and alarming on the construction site.
Simply connect and get started.

Bauüberwachung mit DAPONA

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Avoiding risks through digital construction monitoring

Monitoring, alerting and construction supervision on construction sites and in the construction industry. Whether it’s a shell construction, an extension or a conversion: construction sites are individual and change. The risks change in the same way. Reliable construction monitoring is essential to detect and eliminate risks at an early stage. Whether fire prevention of rooms and building materials, humidity, frost, temperature fluctuations, access or weather: DAPONA monitors, logs and alarms around the clock. Regardless of construction progress, location or site, and anywhere there is wireless connectivity. Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards and change them at any time. A web browser on the laptop, tablet or smartphone is all it takes.


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