Caring instead of administration

Whether refrigerator, stove, heating, fire prevention or water ingress:
DAPONA monitors technical systems, devices and buildings, logs, alarms and helps with compliance with food regulations, e.g. in the daycare center or school.

Lebensmittelverordnung in der Kita

kindergarten | school | university | boarding school | home for the disabled | home for the elderly

„My children look forward to daycare every day. And I am happy every day that all the children are doing well and are safe!“

Simply monitor the food regulation e.g. in the daycare center

Whether room air, refrigerator or temperature: condition monitoring, operational data management (BMS), monitoring, real-time monitoring of devices and systems and preventive alarming make an important contribution to the protection of people. Especially in social facilities such as daycare centers, kindergartens, schools, universities or retirement homes, safety is a top priority. Sensors can be used to monitor various parameters and transmit them to the system in real time. In addition to protecting children, students, young people and senior citizens, increasing operational efficiency also plays a major role. For this purpose, DAPONA can be used to monitor and optimize energy consumption or water consumption, for example.

Whether fire prevention, monitoring of pipe systems or logging of hygiene regulations and the food ordinance: Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards and always know what is happening. On the laptop, the PC or on the go on the smartphone. All you need is a web browser.


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