Energy Monitoring, OCM Oil Condition Monitoring

Protect the environment: Energy monitoring, OCM Oil Condition Monitoring, real-time monitoring and receiving timely alarms in case of deviations helps to minimize risks and save costs.

Zustandsüberwachung für Stadt und Gemeinde, Energiemonitoring und Echtzeitüberwachung mit DAPONA

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Energy monitoring with real-time dashboards

Environmental protection through digitalization: The protection of our environment is a high good. Energy management, OCM Oil Condition Monioring and the visualization of electricity, power, water, solar energy, steam, compressed air, heat and more has many advantages. Condition monitoring, real-time monitoring and receiving timely alarms when deviations occur helps prevent environmental damage and save costs in operations. Whether in energy supply, waste management, losses in water distribution systems or monitoring of emissions: Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards and always know what’s happening. In the company or on the go on your smartphone. A web browser is all you need for efficient energy management with DAPONA.

The benefits are simple: save costs, reduce CO₂ footprint, protect the environment, reduce peak loads.


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