Online condition monitoring for cities and municipalities

Real-time monitoring of the infrastructure and receive timely alarms in case of deviations: Just plug in and go. The universal online condition monitoring for your city or municipality.

Zustandsüberwachung für Stadt und Gemeinde, Energiemonitoring und Echtzeitüberwachung mit DAPONA

Church | Water supply | Waterworks | Energy supplier| Power grid | Public facility | Basic utility | Elevator | Parking lot | Escalator | Waste | Garbage | Green spaces | Soil moisture | Particulate matter | CO2 | Park | Vandalism

Condition monitoring now online for your city and community

Whether infrastructure monitoring in schools, homes or in public water and energy supply: Monitoring, data visualization, real-time monitoring, status monitoring or even condition monitoring of devices and systems and preventive alerting are crucial for the protection of people and the environment. Whether fire prevention in churches, monitoring of pipe systems or monitoring of soil moisture in forests and green spaces or playgrounds: DAPONA enables your city or community to never lose sight of the big picture and take early action. Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards yourself and always know what’s happening. On your laptop, PC or on the go on your smartphone. All it takes is a web browser.


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