Online monitoring for warehouse and trade

Never too hot, never too cold, never too dry or too humid and the goods always fresh: online monitoring, real-time monitoring of equipment, facilities, in the trade, warehouse, store or on the road. Simply connect and get started.

Condition Monitoring, Brandvermeidung und Online Monitoring im Lager und in der Logistik mit DAPONA

Retail | Wholesale | Local supplier | Shopping market | Organic market | Food trade | Furniture trade & furnishing | Shopping center & FOC | Textile trade | Shoe trade | Fashion store

Reduce stockouts with online monitoring

Whether in production or logistics, the food trade, retail, wholesale or large-scale distributors: online monitoring and real-time monitoring (or condition monitoring) of equipment and systems in trade and transport and timely alarming are crucial for safe operation. DAPONA reports temperature deviations at an early stage and helps to reduce storage damage. This increases plant availability and optimizes process quality. Whether preventing fires, monitoring cooling systems, monitoring the cold chain, the warehouse or logging hygiene regulations: simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards yourself and always know what’s happening. On the laptop, the PC or on the go on the smartphone: A web browser is all that is needed.


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