Equipment monitoring for amusement park and amusement ride

Amusement parks are fun! Especially when the ride is always safe: condition monitoring, plant monitoring, real-time monitoring and receive timely alarms in case of deviations – with DAPONA.

Anlagenüberwachung Freizeitpark Fahrgeschäft mit DAPONA

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„Only a neutral solution allows me to see different plants at a glance.“

Always safe: with DAPONA system monitoring
for amusement parks and rides

Monitoring, real-time monitoring, asset monitoring and receive timely alarms in case of deviations: Digitization helps to increase safety. Whether in amusement parks, rides, ski lifts, plant maintenance or monitoring of air, water and energy: Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards and always know what’s happening. For example, utilization, queue management, power consumption, oil pressure and many other machine metrics can be visualized at a glance. If an unusual event occurs, DAPONA triggers an alarm and informs as desired via smartphone notification, call, e-mail, warning light or similar. The data visualization can be viewed on the laptop, the PC or on the go on the smartphone. A web browser is all that is needed.


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