Online condition monitoring for chemicals & raw materials

Online condition monitoring, real-time monitoring and alerting for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and more. Independent of manufacturer or location.

Online Zustandsüberwachung in Chemie und Pharma mit DAPONA

Chemical industry | Fossil raw materials | Glass industry | Ceramics industry | Plastics | Mineral oil & refining | Renewable raw materials | Mineral raw materials & mining | Paper industry & pulp industry

„Only a neutral solution for data visualization allows me to keep track of all assets“

Increase production efficiency through online condition monitoring

Condition monitoring, condition monitoring in production and safety play a major role in chemical substances. DAPONA monitors plants, machines, equipment and sites in real time and alerts at the first deviations. The measurement results can be used, for example, to assess the condition of plants and increase plant efficiency, to prevent breakdowns and production downtime, and to carry out repairs in good time (predictive maintenance). Downtime means production loss costs – thus, continuous optimization of production effectively saves costs. Regardless of the type, nature and location of the plant: Simply connect, set up your own real-time dashboards online yourself and always know what’s happening. In the plant or on the go on your smartphone. A web browser is all it takes.

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